Allis Saga MH900 Cone Crusher New Product Launch Event achieve complete success

Allis Saga MH900 Cone Crusher New Product Launch Event held in Chengde City, Hebei Province on September 26th, which received extensive attention from the industry and media, also achieved complete success.
Under the background of “The Belt and Road”, the largest capacity single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher MH900 will redefine the national crushing and screening brand.

Leaders of mining enterprises and research institutes gathered in the conference site

The conference received extensive attention from the industry and media. China mining association vice president Mr. Liu Yujiang, chairman of the China mining industry value-added services union Mrs. Rao QiLin and dozens of mines enterprises leaders participated in the conference. Chengde TV station, Zhuji TV station and Intercontinental Mine reported the whole process.

Vice president of China Mining Association
Executive director of China mineral resources and materials application innovation alliance
Mr. Liu Yuqiang delivered speech

Deputy general manager of Tianbao mining group
Mr. Yin Guoxin delivered speech

Allis Saga fully consider the production needs of mining enterprises and the actual market situation, committed to manufacture world-class, high-quality, high performance, high reliability and cost-effective products. Not only the quality is equal to the international high-end equipment, the performance price ratio is even higher.

Chairman of Allis Saga
Mr. Ma Zhaomiao delivered speech

Allis Saga general manager Mr. Jiang Guannan, technical director Mr. Wu Jianguo shared the MH900 cone crusher development intention, performance characteristics, and product technology etc.

General manager of Allis Saga
Mr. Jiang Guannan delivered speech

Technical director of Allis Saga
Mr. Wu Jianguo delivered speech

Deputy vice general manager of Tianbao Tietai Mr. Sun Lancun and service manager of Allis Saga Mr. Xu Yunbo carried out the MH900 cone crusher delivery ceremony.
Overseas customer signed one set of MH900 cone crusher.

MH900 delivery ceremony

MH900 signing ceremony

All guests came to the producting site to visit the actual application of MH900 cone crusher in the afternoon.

As the solutions provider of minging and construction equipment and technology, Allis Saga adhere to the spirit of artisans in design and technology of all the products and adhere to international quality.