ALLISSAGA appearance in Bauma China 2016 Assistance the rise of national industry

The 8th China international engineering machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and equipment exhibition in November 22 to 25, 2016 was held in Shanghai new international expo center successfully.

The exhibition coincided with the Chinese construction machinery industry once again fallen into confusion and anxiety, economic bubble and over capacity made the industry situation more hard. Under this background, the industry and Bauma China stay true to the mission, stick together,light everyone’s passion in the cold winter, attracted more than 170000 professional visitors whom from149 countries and regions to inspect and negotiate.

ALLISSAGA as a new excellent company in the field of mining machinery and engineering machinery industry.Together with the industry,witness the calm of China construction machinery industry and start standing at a new high, reopen the next stage, and help China manufacturing rising step by step!

Though the industry is still in a downturn, but ALLISSAGA always stay true to the mission and keep continuous innovation, remain high quality to build the international high-end equipment,service the global professional clients. The event not only supplied a brand promotion and awareness promotion, also work with the industry hand in hand to through the hard times, help the rise of national industry and make the made in China great achievements!