Performance Features
-The frame adopts anti-cracking HUCK bolt fastening, all welding adopts anti-cracking welding process and all welding seams are treated through special process.
-Welding stress are completely eliminated after heat treatment of the overall steel structure.
-Select SKF bearings and adopts anti-corrosion process.
-Large capacity.
-Adjustable installation angle of -3 to 10 .
-Powerful acceleration up to 5.5G, effectively prevent the mesh from blocking.
-Elliptical vibrating guarantees the screening performance.
-The amplitude and angle can be adjusted to meet different processing capacity and screening requirements.


  • LS1860
  • Width*Length (mm): 1820*6000
  • Screening Area (㎡): 10.8
  • Weight (kg):4.7(S)/6.68(D)/10.1(D)

  • LS2460
  • Width*Length (mm): 2420*6000
  • Screening Area (㎡): 14.4
  • Weight (kg): 6.58(S)/11(D)/13.34(D)

  • LS3060
  • Width*Length (mm): 3020*6000
  • Screening Area (㎡): 18
  • Weight (kg): 13.79(S)/17.325(D)

LS series line-flow vibrating screens have many advantages, for example large capacity, compact structureand maintain frendly. LS series screens are applied to classification screening and prescreening beforecone crusher in crushing process. There are single, double and three decks to choose. LS series screenis the best choice if the wquipment installation space is limited or the difference between upper limitand lower limit of screen size is small. Straight or elliptical vibration provide higher screening efficiency. The biggest screen size of LS series line-flow vibrating screen is 300mm and the separation size rangefrom 1 to 100mm. It is convenient to adjust the following parameters to meet different production needs:

-Inclination angle (by adjusting the spring seat)
-Stroke angle (by adjusting the position of vibrator)
-Revolution (by changing belt pulley)
-Vibrating trajectory

LS series line-flow vibrating screens are equiped with replaceable wear-resistant rubber liners in feeding end,discharging end and the side wall. The heavy screen plate provides wear protection and the feeding box adopts thicker wear-resistant rubber liners.

LS Series Screen Drive Parts

1. Adjustable drive mode, motor on the side of screen frame.
2. Flexible coupling combine with belt speed adjustment.
3. Does not need frequency converter to adjust speed setting.
4. Recommend for heavy-duty applications, especially for mining areas.
5. Especially suitable for fine size screening.
6. Applicable to all screen types.

Meshes of Vibrating Screen

1. Standard scope of supply includs rubber mesh and fastening clip on side.
2. Set up support shaft along the length direction every 300mm.
3. Screens wider than 1800mm need fastening steel clip in the middle of the mesh to make sure fixed.
4. The support plate can be continously adjusted to meet the needs of various meshes.